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  • Some Critque of Svelte/Sapper

    Updated at January 22, 2020 at the 12th hour

    I've been building an application in Svelte/Sapper that I will release in the near future. Given my previous postings of Svelte/Sapper and use of Svelte for the blog and other applications, I think I can say I am a fanatic. Ok, maybe more of a very very eager user of excellent software.

    With that a way, no software is deemed unworthy of critique yet. Let's talk about that.

    Layout. This is a Sapper router feature. There is a _layout.svelte file used in Sapper that is included in all routes. I personally think it is tersely/badly named, but the name is a reasonable choice among others. You can create sub _layout.svelte files in nested routes to add on to the layout wrapping. I wonder why this feature was added as a requirement at the top level. I don't think I can remove it as I tried before and it broke my app. My application has only a slot element in there. Each of my pages have a "Layout" Element, so I can pick and choose how the page's content layout is presented. Sometimes a header is needed and other times nothing is needed. If I had to name the element, ...

  • Web UX: Double Click to Edit

    Updated at January 22, 2020 at the 11th hour

    I've been working on tthe UI part of the application I've been creating for myself for now that will eventually be released for public consumption. I've used many applications on desktop and they always have a button to edit. It is a great thing that the UI has a apparent indicator for when things are editable and the indicator is interactive.

    One of the central components of my UI is a table/grid. I was wondering how I could best go about editing. Inline editing was a given, but how does one get to show the inline editor? Looking for inspiration, I image searched on Google for inline editors. None were particularly inspiring. I mean their buttons and editors were nice, but I wasn't feeling it.

    A couple of interactions I thought about:

    A button. Could be right next to the element. Nah too much space. I would argue too little space for a mobile device. Hard to get the dimensions right.

    On demand button. It could appear from hovering over the editable element. Nah, hard to get right.. You'd need to move your mouse over the element first and then move it to the button why? Some sites ...

  • Primary Thing I like about Svelte

    Updated at January 18, 2020 at the 23th hour

    I find this primary thing very important. It is compatibility with existing Javascript libraries without having to rewrite them into a svelte-* library. This is the biggest reason why I do not find React usable. React is very alien. I've been converting my React sites into Svelte and I cannot say I enjoy the transition.

    jQuery can be included so that existing jQuery libraries can be used. This is great.

    Why rewrite things that already work just to make them work with a framework? Svelte lives to its promise of staying out of the way.

    #NeverReact #NeverAngular

  • Actix-Web is now Unmaintained?! Update: It is back.

    Updated at January 20, 2020 at the 15th hour

    Wtf? NoooooOOOoooOOOoo!

    Reddit's toxic Rust community strikes down a popular Rust library.

    Yes, the maintainer of Actix has quit the open source realm, well, because of the Rust communities' shitstorms over the use of unsafe. "unsafe shitstorm" is hilarious.

    "Ahhhhhh, U R USIN UNSAFE. Remove dis shit."

    "Plss no... it iz badness. U r a bad Rust dev. Dun use Rust. Not welcome here."

    Reddit Rust Open Sores Community Member on finding alternative to Actix-web: https://www.reddit.com/r/rust/comments/ce09id/why_we_need_alternatives_to_actix/etytgat/?context=3

    With the responses on things like: [https://www.reddit.com/r/rust/comments/eq11t3/a_sad_day_for_rust/, https://www.reddit.com/r/rust/comments/epzukc/actix_web_repository_cleared_by_author_who_says/, https://www.reddit.com/r/rust/comments/epszt7/actixnet_unsoundness_patch_is_boring/ https://www.reddit.com/r/rust/comments/eqcefv/the_soundness_pledge/] got to wonder who has the patience for these kids.

    The Last triggering Github Issue: https://gist.github.com/normano/1a98654b906642cb86290f84d596b975

    On toxicity: it is no shock that devs who pour their time into making something useful would quit. Software is never finished, so it is ok to use unsafe. Bugs will always be there. Soundness is fucking hard and hey anyone bitching and moaning can go fuck themselves. Never feel afraid to bust out unsafe when you cannot find any way to get through your problem. It will get safe at some point just not now.

    On ownership: I see why Linus uses such strong language when garbage randos spew ...

  • Told Ya Stack Exchange is going To the Gutter

    Updated at January 17, 2020 at the 07th hour

    I don't follow meta, but resignations like this and the responses are indicative of where Stack Exchange is going because of bad management.

    You can see where I told you so here: https://www.normansoven.com/post/stackoverflows-handling-of-monica-cellio-situation-is-bad-management

    The great moderator exodus, which is opportunity.

  • Good Management vs Bad Management Summarized

    Updated at January 17, 2020 at the 08th hour

    Good management is open minded and knows how to make sure to keep a situation defused. Adequate explanations do not require justification.

    Bad management is closed minded and shows it by making assumptions before knowing what is going on blowing up the situation. Justifying bullshit is terrible management and sows distrust in its own ranks and community.

    Root cause: Experience

    It is a night and day difference between experienced and inexperienced people. Training helps people get up to speed, policies help to stem mis-steps through guidance and plain old apprenticeship, with experienced people, helps to develop a style that contributes to more experience.

    Software engineering managers, for instance, don't have this opportunity. It is a luxury for overall good managers to be able to show inexperienced managers how to manage a team, so inexperienced managers have to go through the hoops over and over. Implement this and scrap that can be done just not haphazardly. Trying things out and eliminating them after the goal is reached is good management. You ever wonder why meetings can be so dry? You ever wonder why you hate agile or waterfall now? Sticking to the script religiously is not a good sign.

    What metrics ...

  • Bad Management: US AIrstrike on an Iranian Government Official

    Updated at January 03, 2020 at the 18th hour

    Wow, just off the heels of bad management from Stack Overflow. Now we have the United States attacking a government official (General Soleimani) of a sovereign nation (Iran) in another sovereign nation's (Iraq) international airport. WTF?

    That's war. Iran is unified (WOW, days after being split) and crying for war. This is some Call of Duty level shit. You'd never think this would happen outside of a game or movie.

    It really does not matter how the terrible the people killed in an airstrike were what matters is the connections to those people. You don't just go and kill whoever you want where ever you want and that is what the US just did. The gloves are off. We wouldn't tolerate that here, no one would tolerate it anywhere. It is war.

    Bad management on part of the Trump administration led to this. They thought it was a good idea to break away from a deal that sought to reign in nuclear ambitions. Guess what, Iran had been saying they would stay in the deal but remove implementation of it as time went on without a deal. This action, the action of bad management, means there is no ...

  • StackOverflow's handling of Monica Cellio Situation is Bad Management

    Updated at January 17, 2020 at the 07th hour


    Escalated to a lawsuit because they don't know how to use their site and resolve without lawyers. Hell they don't even listen to their community past the vitrol. There are plenty of reasonable responses (unlike the VS Code SantaGate). It is hilarious that they needed to defend against one of their own unpaid moderators who broke no guidelines. Great example of stumbling under your own feet.

    They offered her a way to apply for possible reinstatement, instead of just doing it or offering it outright for the mistake that they now acknowledge. Garbage. It is a big FU.

    Bad management = lawsuits. This is easily measured and lawsuits like this are easily preventable by proper management. Who is running the site?

    I don't have a horse in this shtick, but Stack Overflow/Exchange has been great because of the community. Those moderators and community will eventually move on past Stack Overflow too other things. It is too bad.

    How the whole thing started: https://judaism.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/5193/stack-overflow-inc-sinat-chinam-and-the-goat-for-azazel

    Lol, bad response: https://meta.stackexchange.com/questions/334551/an-apology-to-our-community-and-next-steps

  • Changelog and TODOs

    Updated at December 30, 2019 at the 13th hour

    Just a few comments since I've been looking into these things as part of my Software Project Management tools research.

    Todos: TODOs are very useful. Not just for future thought, but for thought process. I think people and companies who eschew TODOs in commits are just fucking weird and short sighted. It is understandable that if you used to TODO everywhere and never get it done that you don't want to see it because it reminds you of how you never get things done. To force that on projects where you collab with people is just retarded. No technical or style justification, just personal pleasure. Give it a rest and add the fucking TODO comment.

    Changelogs: Changelogs are useful and need to be human readable. The use of CHANGELOG is hampered by people wanting to force their style through tools down others throats. I'm not a fan of creating change logs or release logs from solely git commit messages. If you don't review your CHANGELOG why keep the quality bar low via automation? Github has a commits page for that.

    Git commit messages... I don't expect a consistent format here ever. I do expect a consistent format in ...