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  • Dumbo Cops Handcuffed Innocent Black Teens at Gunpoint Four Times In Bizarre 2019 Incident

    Updated at January 17, 2022 at the 18th hour

    Imagine police officers handcuffing you while telling you nothing not once but 4 times in a day. They discuss among themselves that they are looking for "suspicious" people with ZERO clues about wh...

  • Cop on Cop Violence, Florida police sergeant grabbing fellow officer by her throat

    Updated at January 16, 2022 at the 20th hour

    No wonder cops don't like to intervene when one of their own goes off the rails. Would that "Sergeant" have done that if it were another guy? Most likely not. 😉

    Trashy cops like this so called "Serg...

  • DumbDum Republiklan Kuczwanski Killed after Shooting At Another Man After Hitting His Car

    Updated at January 14, 2022 at the 04th hour
  • Being a Police Officer is a Dangerous job, only if you catch COVID

    Updated at January 13, 2022 at the 21th hour


    Lemme guess, the outspoken Police Unions who oppose Vaccine or Mandates and their antivax comrad...

  • This Cop Got Lucky His Sergeant Got Him to Back Off

    Updated at January 15, 2022 at the 08th hour

    This obtuse fool, Donald Fougere, thought he could jam his way into getting this guy to ID himself for no apparent crime. He is a dumbshit who doesn't care for the law. Paraphrasing his words 'I do...

  • Lots of Screws Loose in the World

    Updated at January 11, 2022 at the 03th hour


    These kinds of posts remind me of the people who have their screws loose because wtf.

    A chick on the...

  • Links to Police Complaint Forms

    Updated at January 05, 2022 at the 10th hour

    Given what I've seen in terms of shitty cops who stonewall people trying to file complaints, it'd be easier to just get the form directly or file it online.

    Openpolice.org seems like interesting sit...

  • White Fragility: Asian Edition

    Updated at January 03, 2022 at the 10th hour

    “She’s being very Asian… she can keep her Korean to herself.”


    Small mention of dumplings broke the dam holding up the 'not racist' Karen c...

  • Driver's License as ID is Dumb AF

    Updated at January 02, 2022 at the 12th hour

    I do not see why a Driver's License as ID is necessary when State ID exists. To drive, you essentially need a bunch of irrelevant documents that have no bearing on driving. Bundling up features has...