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  • Setting Up ATT Fiber (BGW320-505) With your Router (DD WRT)

    Updated at August 06, 2020 at the 22th hour

    Information is a bit scattered around, but unless you are a network engineer (which I am not) you are not going to have a fun time trying to configure a cascaded router. The idea is better drawn out as having a gateway (ATT) passing traffic to the router (your router with DD-WRT). The gateway, link between them and the router form a cascaded router.

    On the gateway (ATT Fiber router), you will likely have a address. This is the address you will use for accessing the setup. After accessing setup, you want to follow these steps to turn on IP Passthrough from Linksys https://www.linksys.com/us/support-article?articleNum=293959. It is really easy as long as you have the WAN Mac Address. Shut off all of the other settings under firewall (Packet Filter, NAT Default Server, Firewall Advanced).

    You should be able to see a WAN IP Address assigned to your router (DD-WRT).

    Next, configure your router's local IP address to be on DD-WRT's setup tab as this will be the router's ip and DHCP will assign ip's from this range.

    Back on the gateway device setup, under Home Network go to Subnets & DHCP.

    * Turn on Cascaded Router.

    * Set...

  • Updated Blog for 2020

    Updated at June 30, 2020 at the 02th hour

    Every year I try to see what I can do for my blog. This year, I decided not to change the layout. I think the layout is simple enough.

    Instead, I updated the font to use Inter and updated infrastructure. There are some kinks to work out.

    Styling and Font

    The inter font (https://rsms.me/inter/) is a very legible and dynamic font. I intend to use this on all my web properties. It just makes sense for the eyes.

    - Another legible and easy on the eyes font is called Lexend (https://www.lexend.com/), which I could switch to in 2021.

    Styling hasn't changed much on the public side of the blog. Internal side changed a little bit to accommodate packages like sweetalert2 and custom UI packages.

    Links are finally marked up and highlighted. I'll update some past posts to mark the links. Links are important for the Web.


    I made big investments in infrastructure software from the top down. My blog now makes use of them. It is a leap from where I was before.

    Deployment is done via my internal deployment software rather than scripts. Very easy build and deploy. I no longer use pm2 for...

  • USA Road to Depression

    Updated at June 27, 2020 at the 13th hour
    1. A proposed definition: from Wikipedia

    2. a decline in real GDP exceeding 10%, or
    3. a recession lasting 2 or more years.

    Seeing lots of closures and the US government prop up businesses that would otherwise declare bankruptcy makes me wonder how long the recession is going to last.

    USA has given up on controlling the spread given all the state re-openings. States saw numbers were declining economically, so screw it. The number of SARS COV2 cases did not decrease significantly enough to justify any re-openings. That's leads to only the economic and political factors that justified it.

    We are back to April numbers. Ugh. The only countries that have sustained level of cases are the ones whose presidential leader deny it existed, has any impact, said it is under control and/or said to tough it out.

    Businesses are not going to re-open nor mitigate job losses quickly enough and majority of people are not going to return to normal spend to stave off economic impact. Can't say I like the numbers that came out last quarter and I expect this quarter's reports to be worse. The recession started in February in the middle of a quarter. States did not lockdown...

  • Another day, another Black Man Assaulted by Cops for minding his business.

    Updated at June 26, 2020 at the 16th hour

    Original story

    One thing that's interesting about this video is that it is unlisted. Not searchable, but publicly viewable. That is not sufficient for transparency. You need to make extra effort to find this video. Seems actionable. Might be grounds for a suit to prevent this behavior for Police Depts.

    Another day in Murica, where the black man is assaulted by cops without proper investigation, only assumptions otherwise known as guilty until proven innocent. "Oh ya, I thought this and that, so that's why I attacked 'em." Do not need to look far in history to see that civilians, primarily white males, do the same to black guys who they see running. "Ahhhhh, he's running! Not sure why, but I gotta stop em before he gets away!"

    In this case, the guy was just standing there talking to an officer. Compliant with no signs of aggression or running away. Gotta escalate it up because public safety threat! It is lazy policing that leads to this mess.

    Who's gonna clean it up? Oh yeah the taxpayers.

    Who's gonna get punished? Ohhh right, no one. Chalk it up for the blue boyz!

    Shoot first, ask questions later. Don't worry the public will...

  • NYPD Likes When Their Officers Plant Evidence

    Updated at June 24, 2020 at the 00th hour


    A criminal record makes it very hard to get a job.

    Ah, but just a few bad apples. Uh huh, so bad that the case was thrown out in the middle of it. What'd an interview review by the NYPD conclude? "Nothing wrong was done." Uh huh, bad apples.

    If police are bent on tagging random people with drug charges then why shouldn't they be defunded? Oh right because criminals would run free. Ah, but there Criminals with badges running free too.


    More corruption. Criminals with badges.


    I'm glad we have hackers who reveal these documents. We should expect more police depts to be hacked and exposed. Fools.

    I hope police who can't handle the changing environment self purge rather than waiting for an opportunity to be purged. It's better for everyone.

  • The Saying "The Victor Gets to Tell the Story"

    Updated at June 24, 2020 at the 00th hour

    So why so many Confederate monuments? https://www.history.com/news/how-the-u-s-got-so-many-confederate-monuments

    Never thought about it until the toppling of theses statues. It made me wonder why so many statues at all. The Confederacy only lasted 4-5 years. If the Confederacy can have a legacy that spans after losing a critical war, then what makes it that their practices don't influence the future when there was tolerance to it all in the name of FREE SPEECH? Their monuments should have been banned at the federal level if they had lost and had been such a stain on US history and government.

    Germany had a stain on their history and did not allow any erection of statues to "honor and remember" what the Third Reich stood for. It was outright banned.

    The only way to tolerate confederate bullshit is to not tolerate it. I imagine like Trump's star in Hollywood that if any statues are erected of Trump, it will be destroyed. A waste of money and effort.

    And people wonder why USA is divided. 'Oh why don't we all get along?'

  • I'll move away from Master / Slave terms wherever

    Updated at June 17, 2020 at the 19th hour

    Never really thought about master/slave terms until it was brought up during one of the Uberversity for nUbers. Course teacher talked about how some teams were trying to pick names for these two terms. Some terms were Queen / Princess, Leader / Follower and Primary / Replica.

    I thought it was inconsequential, but I figured I would avoid domineering terms in whatever I made. Master / Slave isn't helpful abstraction or naming wise anyway. It is a big big meh from me. I like the terms leader, follower since followers can be leaders and vice versa. Slaves don't necessarily become masters (weird societal contract if you can do that) and then downgrade back to being a slave. Technically, if the roles can change then master and slave is a very choice bad choice of naming.

    Since I left Uber, I've talk about these terms on the rise with time. Recent vigor from protests brought this to the limelight again. It is really simple choice, just use better terms and change and avoid the terms wherever possible.

    Git/Github wants to move away from master term, ok. Master meant of master copy there is no appearance of slave. I'll move to main...

  • Not Sure Why Twitter or Facebook allow China based accounts

    Updated at June 12, 2020 at the 17th hour

    If their services are banned over there, why allow any China based accounts at all? One should expect most accounts from there to be fake garbage accounts where no money is made relative to the garbage they force you to store and track.

  • White Privilege on Display

    Updated at June 28, 2020 at the 00th hour

    ^ Cop was fired for wha???

    She hit him because wha?

    Only $1k fine? I would have beat the living shit outta her. Teach her the consequences of her action.

    The parents needs to put the kid through self defense classes. He was way too nice to have been abused like that just for having dark skin.