About Me

Welcome to Norman's Oven, the humble online abode for me, Norman.

I'll use this site to post my opinions, tutorials or things I like to point out.

Little about myself is that I've spent a lot of time online, learned code, made money and have/had fun discovering new and weird things.

Code is a hobby and professional for me. Video games are what led me to code.

When I started coding, I coded up a little game that started off as an approximation to the game I played at the time. It ended up being my own thing in the end and I had a fun time doing it.

As I keep up coding, I find that vertically integrated infrastructure lacks quite a bit because mostly of new technologies that keep coming up. There really isn't anything out there that you can pick up and you can go from development all the way to deployment easily. It is all brittle and I can tell you it makes my day worse when the deployment system breaks. Infrastructure makes software engineering life easier to deal with and having a stable system that takes care of things is ideal.

Professionally, I've been here and there, so wearing this and that hat is normal. Wearing less hats is better overall if someone else can do it better.

Looking towards the future for my personal goals, I'm interested focusing less on infrastructure and more towards the software I envision to make.

My primary musical tastes range from pop, rock, rap, metal and any mixture between them. I've preferred some genres over another at different times while growing up and I'm sure that will continue to fluctuate. I've had my Weird Al, Sum 41, Green Day, Utada Hikaru phases. Currently on my Metallica phase haha.

I don't watch television and movies much because I cannot get interested enough these days to do it. I watched anime, Shark Tank, Fresh Prince of Bel Air and other good shows while growing up, but I don't find enough interest anymore.

I also don't like to feel like I'm wasting time.

Not an exhaustive read about me as you were expecting, but a gloss over. There is only so much time you can spend writing about yourself unfortunately.