About Me.


I use this space to post about things I do, opinions, tutorials or things I like to point out. Most recently, have been pointing out police misconduct and other really dumb shit. A lot of those opinion posts will transition to Das Nonsense to free up this space to go back to tutorials and other techie stuff.

In a fantasy world, I'd be a sorcerer conjuring up weird shit for fun. I have fun discovering new and weird things online.

Coding is a hobby and profession for me. Video games are what led me to code, so I'll never stop playing them. When I started coding, I created a web game that started off similar to games I played at the time ex. NeoPets. It ended up being my own thing in the end and I had a very fun time doing it.

As I keep up coding, I find that vertically integrated infrastructure lacks quite a bit because mostly of new technologies that keep coming up. There really isn't anything out there that you can pick up and you can go from development all the way to deployment easily. It is all brittle and I can tell you it makes my day worse when the deployment system breaks. Infrastructure makes software engineering life easier to deal with and having a stable system that takes care of things properly is ideal.

Professionally, I've been here and there, so wearing this and that hat is my normal. Wearing less hats is better overall if someone else can do it better.

Most recently I've built a ton of wide ranging infrastructure software for myself and plan to release a few products that makes heavy use of it. I posted about some of my infrastructure adventures.

My musical consumption ranges from pop, rock, rap, metal and any mixture between them. I've preferred some genres over another at different times while riding the waves of time and I'm sure that will continue to fluctuate. I've had my Weird Al, Sum 41, Green Day, Utada Hikaru and Metallica phases. State of flux right now where I listen and jam along to these + more.

I don't watch tv and movies as much to keep up. I watched anime, Shark Tank, Fresh Prince of Bel Air and other good shows while growing up and try to re-watch some from time to time. I enjoyed Silicon Valley, Goliath and Bosch quite a bit.

I really don't like to feel like I'm wasting time. It happens anyway.

Working on Excerion Sun LLC, a Delaware company.