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Why does any Social network Allow Posts to be Deleted after it Spreads?

Updated on June 04, 2020 at the 10th hour
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One case in point. Just outright deletion as if it never happened? This is a terrible way to retract information especially from the government. The tools needed for mannaging information is lacking. That's the big problem with Social Media platforms.

They started from making it simple for an ordinary user to make a post and essentially stayed that way as they grew while people used it for other cases. These products are slow to evolve because the product people they've hired have do not have a expansive imagination.

You can see it in the frustrations of users. "Why is it toxic?" "Why does it make me depressed?" "Why can I spread fake news?" "Why isn't Trump temp suspended for breaking the rules?" "Why allow advertisers to target very specific users with shit advertisements?" "Where is the quality control?"

Facebook has made strides in information control, but not enough. Twitter has made more strides in the policy dept, but not enough. It is all reactive and continues to be because of lack of imagination. The cases happening recently may have been mentioned by an employee, but they chose to ignore it.

I rememeber that one time when Uber customer support replied to someone on twitter with their name which could be easily changed: Yeah, Twitter being used for customer service uses cases.

I think we can blame it on the fact that Twitter doesn't give an easy way to add a first/last name to the post. This problem could be solved easily by allowing users to show the display name. If I want to see first/last name instead of user name in the post, then I should be able to do that. If I am replying, then there should be a @replyuser token to refer to the original user @replygroup for the group of people. Ya know, like EMAIL. Literally where Twitter took inspiration.

Information management is important. Unimaginative people only help destroy a product through frustration.

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