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White Knighting or Society's Simping

Updated on November 27, 2021 at the 17th hour
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DISCLAIMER: Expressed views on this blog are my own.

I always questioned society's double standard for women where the woman must be defended no matter what she does. The white knights who jump in when a woman attacks a man and the man takes it for a bit before attacking back. To me, it is simping.

Why would I ever take some piece of shit's attacks just because of her gender? SIMP. That for reason a woman feels entitled enough to attack a man with no regards for consequences because men must be white knights. Its retarded.

High school kid tells a female student to stop attacking him and she continues to do it while no one bothers to intervene up until he decided he had enough and attacked her back. It's all fun and games until the man attacks back. It's learned abuse.

That large (6'7")? football player who got abused by his wife because he didn't want to attack her back. It was repeated abuse too. What criminal prosecution was brought against the bitch?

How about the guy who was stalked by a woman and was eventually killed by her after telling police about it to which they laughed at him.

How about the judge who chuckled and made comments that he should have been proud to have been stalked by a woman.

If society gave two shits about women, how about stop treating them like children who need to be defended at any time no matter what they did. If a woman does some thing that will result in consequences then she must face it or you intervene to stop her from doing that shit.

I learned very early on to never defend anyone unless they had nothing to do with anything.

Society's full of SIMPs. Defending women who are really just Karens in training.

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