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Where are HBCU's Atheletics Anyway?

Updated on March 01, 2021 at the 17th hour
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How is it that Historically Black Colleges and Universities don't have more prominence in the sports area anyway?

Why would public universities historically white have sports teams comprised of a shit ton more blacks than whites anyway?

Is it the coaches? HBCUs can't hire good enough coaches, so they flounder?

It's mind blowing to me that HBCUs aren't more prominent in the sports areas given how many poor minorities seek to be a basketball star. You'd think they'd have blazing teams to kick all the other teams asses.

I only started thinking of this once I saw the bullshit ( around the "Eye of Texas" song where you have piece of shit white donors trying to flex their "FREE SPEECH" in saying blacks should go to other colleges and states where they have all the benefits. Alright, let them! HBCUs need to capitalize on that.

Fuck them racist whites! Let their money go to shit on shit teams!

I tell you, these racist idiots are the ones fucking up the country. Like they did with tRump the gRump.

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