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When did Insurrection become equivalent to protesting?

Updated on October 05, 2021 at the 11th hour
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"Judge Trevor McFadden, suggested last week that the Department hasn't been "even-handed" because those who participated in riots associated with the racial justice protests of 2020 were not prosecuted as aggressively, according to McFadden, as the insurrection defendants."

Oh yeah, most if not all insurrection defendants were white. Whoops. Trevor McFadden, the same judge who let an insurrectionist, Jenny Cudd, go off on her vacay. Dipshit corrupt, if not incredibly biased, judge would compare insurrection vs protests.

Few little protests around the nation were sooooo clearly aimed at toppling the national government and fucking over everyone in the process. Uh huh. Those racial justice protesters really wanted to kill lawmakers to get the way. Uh huh. Those 'racial justice' protestors set bombs to divert police and first responder attention. Uhhhhh huh. Very very equivalent to insurrection. 🙄

A judge who can't make a proper comparison. One has worse outcomes than the other. Of course it is going to be uneven handed. How's this dumbshit a judge again?

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