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Was Going to do a Facebook Interview, but...

Updated on November 05, 2020 at the 00th hour
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Recruiter for Product Engineering says 'after further review I think Production engineering would be more suitable'

Interesting since I've interviewed for product engineering 3 years ago! 😭

That was after I cancelled a initial interview about 6 days before the interview was scheduled to occur. I only cancelled because and stated that Production Engineering does not have a policy for remote work yet therefore I should wait until that is cleared up. I knew what I was asking for when I requested the cancellation, I don't need second guessing about it. I talked to the other teams recruiter already!

Yeah, you can apply for two teams and interview for them apparently. This recruiter wants to take away the product path just cause she wants to feel powerful 😭.

😂, somehow I'm no longer suitable for Facebook Product Engineering to this recruiter after what? 1 year of this recruiter trying to get me to interview for which I declined. She somehow didn't know I wasn't suitable the first time or the second time and now the third! It is very funny. I chalk it up to pettiness. I asked for cancellation of the interview with plenty of time left to be respectful of time and that's what you get for that hah! I should have waited to the actual day of the interview to see if they would outright ban me from interviewing ever again.

It is really really petty behavior and I will absolutely decline any interviews with FB now

Is it really so hard to cancel and schedule later, really? Recruiter pressure campaign? Not interested.

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