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Vaccine Mandate, The New Freedom Ooga Booga

Updated on September 19, 2021 at the 12th hour
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The nonsense that people spew out of their ass all because of a small prick in the arm. It's not like resistance to masks is a new thing given it is exactly what happened during the Spanish Flu and prolonged it.

Just like the construction workers who complain about their helmets until the helmet seriously prevents them from receiving brain damage and they treat safety like religion afterwards. Yes, tools do fall from the sky and hit people. Just because it has a .0000001% chance of happening, doesn't mean it is safe to not have a helmet. It is typically learned after injury.

Isn't it great to be reminded of the past mandates that people refused:

I love when people find reasons not to wear a seatbelt. A very real visual of the consequences.

Idiots are free not to take a vaccine as you always have been. Don't be surprised that you are cast out of the social net and die off like the "soldier you are". Your freedum to contribute to the virus, your choice.

"Freedom", 😂🤠. Good luck with all of that freedum. Parasites like their freedom too. Like the ones filling up all the hospital beds and taking resources away from people who actually need it.

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