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US Continues to Shoot Its Own Foot with Letting Capitol Rioters Have Fun with Families

Updated on December 22, 2021 at the 13th hour
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They cry about crime and say police is the answer then one of the biggest crimes in history, TREASON, is treated with leniency. These dumb mother fuckers who attempted to kill lawmakers and anyone connected to the election process get another slap on the wrist. Spend time with families? WTF is that?

In Russia or China, these people would be shot right after the aftermath. All court proceedings would be merely formal if they'd even bothered. Their fates would have been sealed and their lives ended. It doesn't matter what nationality they are in those countries. It would have been quick. I don't think there is any country in the world that would show this leniency to treasonous criminals. The country that continues to have the most gun circulation and international military interventions is the one showing leniency to treasonous trash while going to fucking Iraq and Afghanistan and spending TRILLIONS to fight some TeRrOrIsTs with no sense of the mission after the damn primary mission was done with Osama's death. We can't even deal with a bunch of dumb primarily white skinned dumb fucks who figured it was a good idea to set bombs to distract DC Responders while going after the national government. It was a coordinated attack that could have succeeded and caused all of your economic futures to disappear.

Liberals can stage protests where cops don't get killed, but the cops will beat and shoot them while the white wingers take it up a whole other level to treason and where's the bullhorn and water hoses? Where are the police unions talking about the treasonous cop killers and how LeNiEnT they are being treated? They always have strong words for small crimes and LiBeRaLs, but none for when the biggest crime and massive attack on cops took place. White wing scum bags. FUCK THE POLICE and that's why cops get no respect with this one sided conscious bias horseshit. Seeing this crap, I'd say it's about time liberals take up more guns and bully the cops into submission the same way the white wingers do.

Wtf is this spend time with families at home bullshit? Huh? Maybe the government does need to be overthrown because holy fuck. Where the fuck is the firing squad for these dumb fucks? This white wing hysteria will continue until resolute decisive action is taken against their shitty behavior.

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