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Updated Blog and First Saga!

Updated on February 28, 2018 at the 13th hour
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DISCLAIMER: Expressed views on this blog are my own.

Since Saturday, I've been working on SEO features such as automated generation of sitemap and bringing the public side of this blog up with React Server Side Rendering. One feature I always thought would be cool was bundling a series of posts. At first, I wanted to call it "STORIES" then "LEGENDS, but no SAGAS sounded the best!

A SAGA is a bundle of blog posts. A post can be associated with any SAGA, so if I want to bring certain posts back from the dead then boom associate with a new SAGA. SAGAS have their own description and keywords for primarily SEO purposes. The first SAGA is "Dabbling in C++" which is a series of posts where I was messing around with C++. When I go back into doing C++, I'll add more to this series. A WebRTC server in C++ is something I'd like to do.

I hope to do some sagas on my ideas and views around topics such as online dating, comment systems and software engineering. Why these topics? The first two are where my ideas have been jotted on paper, digital notebook and in my head periodically. Software engineering? Well, that is what is going to drive the first two to product and then production! Customer acquisition is always the hardest, but I have ideas around that for online dating especially.

The design of the blog has been updated quite a bit with the post lists looking really good. The SAGAs design is rough and as I continue to use it I'll update the design accordingly. The design of this blog has been pretty substandard in the past, so where it is today is all accumulation of things I have seen and stole ;).

A disclaimer has been added to each post for legal purposes. A warning is displayed for content I declare as "edgy" so those don't get monetized. Advertisers typically don't want to be associated with "edgy" content, so it is good protection.

Redis isn't something I've used for a production app, but here I am today using it for this! Redis is nicer than I thought! I will definitely use it for DiversionRPG and other upcoming consumer apps. Memcache? PSHHH!

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