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Unpresidented! Twitter finally bans tRump

Updated on January 09, 2021 at the 12th hour
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I did not figure they would go the step and BAN the 45th! I know that he is going to need to plead the 5th real soon, but shit should Twitter have helped with that? 🤪

Shit, I said conservatives were gonna be censored, but damn hahhahaha aggressive. Years of tolerating this garbage and now these providers are saying fuck off entirely. SECTION 230 gave this president and his shit supporters the platforms to broadcast their shit. They would have been silenced earlier if there wasn't any SECTION 230.

Bye tRump and tRump supporters! Broadcast your garbage among yourselves. Fuck tRump! IRAN COME GET YOUR BOY! 45th is history before he stepped out of office.

Obviously Unpresidented is misspelled. 🇺🇸

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