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tRump Failed Hard in 2020 and Will Fail Before 2024

Updated on February 27, 2021 at the 02th hour
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Repubs can keep trying to limit voting, but COVID will be done before 2024. How much more can you try to limit voting before it becomes racist and easily struck down? Ha! Keep trying morons. You are getting defeated even under your own rules. I wonder why?

tRump lost 2020 and he will be in jail or dead by 2024. It is really that simple.

Dead or in jail, we will all relish while the repub party keeps sinking like the titanic because they associated themselves with the capitol riot. Repubs failed (ha like they'd even try) to expunge the person who had a "wild 'party'" that rolled over to the capitol to stop a government process. You are by association an insurrectionist. A fucking party of terrorists and incest.

Ha, join the libertarian party while you have the chance. At least you can keep your dignity while believing in small government and whatever.

Fuck the Repub party, you lost my attention at Todd Atkin. Fucking pieces of shit.

tRump the gRump is DONE!

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