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The Story of How Coppers got Armed with Rifles

Updated on March 20, 2021 at the 20th hour
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Interesting summary.

I would figure multiple incidents would have to happen before coppers arm themselves more heavily, but I guess not. You need multiple incidents to happen to civilians and lawsuits in order to get the cops to change their behavior though. I mean maybe there were multiple incidents like this that happened and this one broke the straw on its back.

California though, they found a buncha crazy shit and just gave them 100 days in the slammer. If they were black, especially during that time, it would have been a FAR different story. 100 fucking days. It sounds like the justice system was working as intended to produce guys like this. You could never be white, armed with guns and explosives and considered dangerous! unless you start shooting at people and blowing them up of course!

These guys didn't give a fuuuuucking hell about anyone but the money and killing anyone in their way.

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