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The Saying "The Victor Gets to Tell the Story"

Updated on June 24, 2020 at the 00th hour
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So why so many Confederate monuments?

Never thought about it until the toppling of theses statues. It made me wonder why so many statues at all. The Confederacy only lasted 4-5 years. If the Confederacy can have a legacy that spans after losing a critical war, then what makes it that their practices don't influence the future when there was tolerance to it all in the name of FREE SPEECH? Their monuments should have been banned at the federal level if they had lost and had been such a stain on US history and government.

Germany had a stain on their history and did not allow any erection of statues to "honor and remember" what the Third Reich stood for. It was outright banned.

The only way to tolerate confederate bullshit is to not tolerate it. I imagine like Trump's star in Hollywood that if any statues are erected of Trump, it will be destroyed. A waste of money and effort.

And people wonder why USA is divided. 'Oh why don't we all get along?'

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