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The Illusion of Safety

Updated on May 22, 2021 at the 17th hour
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Imagine walking down from work just trying to get home when two suspect guys approach you asking for your name. They throw you against a car and one decides to swipe your wallet and you think "Fucking shit! Muggers!" and decide to run. They chase you down and beat your ass. Who would reasonably believe that they aren't being robbed?

Apparently they were cops looking for a suspect. Well shit, that has to make things better. They knew what the suspect looked like, beat up this guy, charge him even though it was absolute bullshit and played the qualified immunity card. It went all the way to trial, because ego, and the jury acquitted this man.

Think of all of other innocent people this system put into jail ore executed because of shit work protected by boomer rulings. Cops are so sure of their suspect that they take extrajudical actions.

The illusion of safety people are relying on. Unaccountable shit cops. You can do everything right and still have your life ruined by shit cops.

I hope this case gets heard and qualified immunity stripped on all levels. There's no more reason to keep these motherfucks from thinking they are invincible and fighting a war.

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