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The Abortion Fight is the Dumbest Waste of Energy of Our Age

Updated on December 02, 2021 at the 14th hour
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Oh right, Karens wanting to fight over bull shit like this.

Conservatives are complete idiots and religious fanatics. They complain that the country is going to shit yet keep wasting time and energy on shit that doesn't matter. Who gives a flying fuck about abortion especially when you can't see it? Who the fuck does it affect? WTF do I get out of these retarded fights? Religion? You mean the same acts of restricting freedom on people's religion which permit abortions?

Pro-Life? You think I give a fuck? I am Pro-Go fuck yourself and mind your business.

Wah wah wah, crying about the shit you cannot see or witness.

What's this about Amy Barrett arguing for big government via 'Safe Haven' laws? Conservatives want big or small government? Can't choose because what they say is impractical and outright stupid for any large population.

FrEeDoM, only when you are a Conservative Republican Religious dumb fuck. They don't tell these guys that Jesus is the amalgamation of many culture's folktales as part of assimilation and what you believe in is human written and thought. Fuck your religion especially when it wastes energy on crap no one cares for. Fuck your pro-life.

Leave shit alone, focus on other shit and Get off the fuck off my lawn.

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