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Terry McAuliffe wasn't a Popular Guy Anyway

Updated on November 03, 2021 at the 19th hour
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Dumb ass politicking as usual. Somehow Terry McAuliffe loss is a blow therefore all people of a certain side should take note blah blah blah yada yada. They said it with CA as well.

He would never win again under any course of history. Shows again how these fools are out of touch with their voters and how shitty their campaign advisers are. Do they figure shit is back to normal, so time to play boring guy again? The guy was a former governor not polling better than expected. Of course you will lose. What kinds of voters are you going to get out to vote with a troubled governor.

If Dems want to win so bad, say fuck Grump (in those words) and Republicans are evil racist fascists taking away your freedom to overcome barriers to your dreams. Republicans want to keep you down to keep themselves up and they'll blame you for all the problems they cause along the way. Republicans have caused more damage to the country than any hostile agent ever could have dreamed. They bring up the need for civil war to justify attempting genocide. You questioned the vaccines and your kids/parents/friends/grandparents died? Your loved ones died because they couldn't get care? Republicans are the traitors spreading those lies. Worried about Critical race theory? Ha, no one knew what it was before Republicans spread it like wildfire. Defund the police? Like on January 6th when they called for little police. The constant tax cuts setting fire to your grandma's social security and destroying the fabric of your society fueling unrest in your neighborhood.

Vote Republican if you want desire a dire future of hard work and no reward just like the good olde days.

Where's the VOTER F R A U D?! Had Terry won, they would have complained VOTER F R A U D. Fucking racist fascist sore losers.

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