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Terry Duane Turner, Texas, Delusional Murderous Gun Moron

Updated on October 27, 2021 at the 11th hour
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Murders a guy because the driver turned into his driveway who backed up by the time the moronic idiot gets his gun out. Piece of shit decides to chase it, break the window and then shoot the driver. Lies about what happened when he calls 911 since his fantasy of shooting a home invader played out in his head so well.

Charged after what, 10 days? It took 10 days to figure out if he murdered someone as if searching the car for a pulled out gun took ten days to corroborate his fantasy.

Another dumb ass republican who believes gun rights are being taken away because the libs are coming for him. They fucking sure are coming for him now dipshit.

Texas, a backwards state.

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