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Tennessee Judge Describes her Work as God's Work while Jailing Kids out of Delusion.

Updated on October 09, 2021 at the 10th hour
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"I’m here on a mission. It’s not a job. It’s God’s mission"

Clearly a Judge who has served for too long, police officers who don't give a shit about their oath and a system with no consequences for repeated retardation.

The breakdown of the Separation of Church and State alrighty. Jail teaches shit if the people who go to jail did no crime. The kind of shit that says the system is shit and will jail you with no evidence. People wonder why the people including police officer wondered if these kinds of garbage would happen at a white school?

People grow up around "tough talk" bullshit and look at all the bullshit going on today. It doesn't work when the system has no incentive to be "tough" on the people who have a fetish for tough talk. gRump's supporters have a huge fetish for tough talk because that's the culture they grew up around. It clearly didn't work out. January 6 2021 is evidence enough. Tuff talk to sound like a big boi, but massive pussies when it came down to integrity and law.

You don't even need to read the whole article to understand that the judge is delusional, police officers are pussies and the system there has no incentive to improve. People wonder why protests when it comes down to social justice. A system that does not improve will breakdown and fester the worst in the people.

Tuff talk is puff talk. Jailing people for unattributed random crimes because that is tuff love. You know this judge voted gRump. You got idiots, usually gRump supporters, who think they can bully others into saying nothing is racially biased and vaccine is bad despite evidence to the contrary. Nothing is wrong until they can't have what they want. A pack of children who need all of that tuff love, preferably hog tied. I digress.

Conservatards don't care about cost in any way shape or form. To believe that they do despite the massive spending you see is delusion. Even in this article, you see they give two shits about saving money or decreasing costs. A conservatard judge who believes she's doing god's work by locking up kids who thinks it saves them and society while costing taxpayers a ton of money while building ever more expensive grand jail centers because jails must be working to solve the problem she and only she can see. 🤪 God's work and no data to back it up. Those profits though tell another story.

Keep filling up those jail cells, conservatards, and paying for them while contributing to your own downfall with people who cannot be productive citizens once released. Try fixing the root cause instead of "generating a profit."

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