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Technical People are against putting "Political" Messages in their Face Until..

Updated on March 14, 2022 at the 15th hour
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 It hits home and they want to bring support to whatever cause they believe in.

It's funny how people repeat garbage they read on the internet. Such as how political messages of any kind should stay off Github repositories, open source project websites and whatever they frequent.

Now when new political issue affects them or someone they know, anyone not supporting or saying something about what they believe in is careless or must support the other side in some capacity. 'How dare said people not care about what I believe in.' And we wonder why we are so polarized.

It's easier to feel when you've been hit than to try to understand and empathize with other people's causes. Sometimes, you just have to figure out what the issue is, why it is happening and figure out if and how you can help and why you want to or just remain ignorant about it and say nothing about people's methods to spread awareness.

Rather than complain about people's methods to spread awareness, it's clear one day an issue will affect you in someway and you will need that same method without people complaining at you for doing the same.

Imagine complaining about the people spreading awareness about right to repair and you being stupid enough not to understand why you have to pay so much for a whole new device for a small little broken thing or why you need to go to the manufacturer for repairs instead of a cheap repair shop. Imagine complaining about how many times you have to see right to repair as your browse the internet just to show how stupid and entitled you are.

Apolitical has been an option for younger people since it was easy to be ignorant and place blind trust in random people. The problem with that is that decisions made today affect the world of distant future and your future self. There's a lot of shit throwing in politics, but that's beside the point. Policies are what matter and I would not believe any shit throwing about what a policy will do until you've read it yourself. It would be nice to have an app to summarize policies and give references to what was summarized.

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