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Summerville Officer Robert Barrineau, 37 charged for attacking Black Man during Traffic Stop

Updated on November 17, 2021 at the 15th hour
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They say another cop had to pull this one away in order to get him to stop the attack. Bet these guys thought it was justified and the victim deserved it for not complying with unlawful orders.



Robert Barrineau, 37, is charged with third-degree assault and battery, according to South Carolina Law Enforcement Division spokesman Tommy Crosby.

The charge stems from an alleged assault that occurred during a Dorchester County traffic stop.

Don't you just get tired of this dumb shit? Why do dumb shit and lose taxpayers money because of your emotional high and warrior mentality? You're not a hero, you will be forgotten like the billions of other people in the world. This is proven by history. Asking someone to step out of a car is high risk and you better have a law backing you up. It doesn't matter compliance or not, you will get wrecked in court and all your past and current cases investigated or even thrown out because you felt this one was more important than the rest. US attention has moved on to domestic terrorism not these bull shit narcotics, drugs or whatever cases of last century. Drug war is over.

Conservatives are morons who don't look at data which is why they are surprised at the data every single time and complain that it doesn't support their view, anecdotes, blah blah blah. Republicans screwed the country up after having held power for so long and continue to screw it up to this day. Look at them try to take credit for provisions in the infrastructure bill after having voted NO on it. They are more than happy to misinform about it.

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