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Stocked up on Bread Flour

Updated on November 27, 2020 at the 22th hour
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Hah, making my own bread is humbling. I've gotten interested in making my own bread since I made Cinnamon Rolls around 2 years ago. I made a cake looking bread at that time lol. As in, it looked like a giant cake, but it was bread. It tasted alright, but a bit sour.

I messed around with making bread recently since I started trying out mixtures of all purpose flour and bread flour to try to make a kind of sweet cake balls. I succeeded eventually after some failures, but instead shaped as muffins because I got tired of rolling balls.

Today, I decided to go blind (no recipe) and make some bread. I would do what comes naturally after playing around with bread flour. Bread Flour, yeast, sugar (demerara), honey, water and oil all into the dough mixer and let it beat it out. I would then add salt a few moments afterward and continue to let it be beaten. If the dough looks dry add water. If it looks too wet, then add flour. I am mindful, as the dough is being beaten out, it is expanding because of the yeast, so can't leave it in there forever. Eventually looks soft enough for me so I throw little dusting of all purpose flour and knead a little by hand. I set it out for proofing. Ez.

I check about an hour later and see the expansion, so I cut it into smaller pieces and let it go for a second proofing. These pieces would be the shape I put it in the oven. Once the second proofing was done, I am elated to see how they look. This was definitely going to be a good bread from what I saw. Turned up that oven to 475f, once I heard that pre-heat done, popped them in there. Bam baby going for 20-25mins. 5mins in already showing some color. 15 mins later, I like yeah this is done. Pop'em out and viola fucking good bread. It is odd to me that they are hard when hot, but softer when rested. Must be a moisture thing. I danced at the amazing look of them. Yeahhhh, I did this shit without a recipe.

Waited for the cooldown, made some tuna and spread that shit out between the cut open bread. Delicious motherfuckers. Hah, bread tasted fucking great.

Why the fuck should I buy bread anymore? I can buy 5lb of bread flour cheap as fuck nowadays.

I'm stocked up on bread flour. I thank COVID and the New World Order for enabling this.

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