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Stock Market Results for October

Updated on November 01, 2020 at the 21th hour
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Decided to day trade in End of Sept with goal of 3k per month.

Result: Modest > 3k gain in a slumped market.

Yeah, I surpassed my goal for the month. First week of October, I was already near my goal. Could have been much more (10k?) if I weren't dumb taking bets that were "too big to fail". GO BIG OR GO HOME kinda shit just to take advantage of 10c gain in a stock only to find -50c loss! 😂 I stopped the go big or go home shit because it wasn't sound for profitability. It was just my emotions playing my analytical side. I bet a little bit on Telsa's earnings report and gained. I bet on NFLX earnings report and lost. I bet on Uber at one point during the month and lost. There are really just two primary stocks that I watched to trade hard and gained a lot overall.

Since I day trade, my money is out of the market except for about $20.

I could make quite a living assuming I made what I was supposed to minus the retard bets. I had to learn the hard way because succeeding all the time would never teach me anything about how to speculatively bet.

I absolutely regret betting on crypto altcoins though. BTC should have been where all my money was like I intended. That's what I get for deviating because HYPE coins. Live and you learn.

Uhm, I'm excited about next month and also have to be careful next month given the massive increases in SAR-COV2 spread and lock downs being imposed. Not sure how the two stocks from October are going to fare, but hey I'm positioned to take a good bet on general lower prices. I hold the belief that end of the year is typically selloffs as liquidity is needed for holidays. Last year was an anomaly, but that's fine.

This is an 7-9 hour job basically depending on how the market is doing and if my monthly goal was reached.

Because finances are sensitive and I ain't responsible for anyone but mine, I don't recommend day trading without understanding the risks and potential tax penalties.

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