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Started Playing Some PS4 Adventure/RPG Games Again

Updated on November 28, 2020 at the 22th hour
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I realize that PS5 is out therefore PS4 is on its way out. There's PS2, PS3 games I still haven't beaten. I only bought a PS4 in 2019. Significant lag time considering I had PS2 and PS3 early near launch. Yugeeee Sony fanboi. Kind of "growed" up, less stress in general and work took time (day and night) and headspace, so didn't play too many games over 2010s. Still want to beat FF12 and 13... I beat 15! Anyway, I've committed to beating some of the adventure and rpg games I bought over the last year for PS4.

I must never forget why I got into software engineering in the first place. Games are my inspiration. The virtual worlds imagined and created by collaboration of people. The realism. The community. The distraction. First online game I created was a bare copy (code was all my own) of another. That was the start of my software obsession.

Since 2019, I feel like coding for me is very boring sometimes as in what's the point of this shit. Can't get in the ZONE anymore as in focusing heavily where people could be calling out to me and I'd wouldn't hear or respond. Maybe I need to find myself again, 😂. It makes sense for me to get back into games before I lose all motivation for software in the first place.

I beat Infamous: First Light. Very light and fun open world game. Story can drag you in a little.

- Banged out some mean code each time after playing Infamous. Clearly it must be working right?

Started playing Final Fantasy 7: Remake, hence the video below. What can I say, I love video game sound tracks especially remixed, into hip hop, ones. I never beat FF7 original sadly. I don't get if Cloud is supposed to be in love with Aerith or Tifa though.

I'll be playing a old time favorite, Rogue Galaxy again (beat it again). Jaster Rogue's story of yearning for, reaching space and becoming a space pirate.

Definitely will start playing Ni No Kuni 2 and Kingdom Hearts 3 in 2021.

Maybe I'll get a PS5 one year before PS6, 😅. Likely not if I reach my goal next year where I will be forced to buy PS5s and Xboxes. 😁

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