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Spending 5.5m to Advertise a 1m donation

Updated on February 13, 2021 at the 13th hour
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Doordash, you are funny. Couldn't find a better cheaper way to advertise.

"Alright guys, we have 6.5m budget to virtue signal"

"Oh I have an idea, lets donate to a charity"

"No, that's too basic"

"Ok then let's donate a portion to charity and advertise"

"I like the direction how much do we donate?"

"1m! and an aggressive advertising campaign or 5m and hope 1m is enough to get out message out there"

"The risk of 5m is too great and we really want to virtue signal, so lets go with 1m"

The discussions that had to culminate in this bullshit. You might as well had donate it to your "top" delivery workers and let them spread the fucking message. Oh wait, it'd be too much of a disservice to the people and socialism...

Absolute fucking morons with ZERO creativity!

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