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Social Unrest In the USA

Updated on May 28, 2020 at the 13th hour
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Oh say can you see, by the dawn's early light. Yeah, right. Ask an American where these words come from nowadays.

United we stand, divided we fall. It has lost its touch.

Typically don't use memes, but this one hits the nail on the head PERFECTLY. Also, the image isn't embedded because I still have not loosened the filters to allow embedded images and links.

Social Unrest continues to build up

Pandemic = people dying, people losing jobs. What do Trumpers do? Protest against lockdown. "Ahhh, this ain't nazi germany" but invoke Nazi quotes. "Ahh, this ain't communist China" but loves the money and healthcare the government gives 'em.

Add to it bad policing from both private and public and generally very shitty prosecution.

What's the take from the sitting president? - President say wha? Things not found?

Anyone ever found where the deep state is yet? I bet they set this up.

How about some of his religious supporters? - Wtf is this? This is un-American. "Comply with simple commands" This is a communist group. Same people saying "I want to worship" but will not comply with "simple commands" to reduce transmission during a pandemic.

I would not be surprised if this group has complained about being subverted by the State or feel unsafe in any encounter with someone who isn't in their group. It is trash.

I wonder how people tend to feel about USA's police anyway? - Appears to fit the narrative of the social divide between white and un-white.

Protesting, rioting, looting during the Trump term? I wonder why? Oh right another unarmed black man killed because best in the world policing

"I don't support looting" "This isn't the right way to protest" "Fight them in the courts" "I get the anger, but why destroy their own neighborhood?"

Just a lot of distancing I see in these statements. Just like the "I'm not racist" or "I have black/azn friends" crap. The privilege and complete lack of understanding in those statements are bewildering. Yet, freedom? All Lives matter? Blue lives Matter?

Particular cops who are bewildered why their communities don't want them around. "We trying to protest them, so I don't understand why they are so negative towards us." "Why you so angry at us? *while illegally checking his (young black/afro-american man) car* We do this everyday to keep the neighborhood in good order." Yeah, it happened to one guy and the lawsuit is on-going.

How did the police get or retain these powers? By people wiling to sacrifice other people's freedoms for the sake of their communities. Other people's freedoms = your freedom. Whenever you are suspected, whatever powers they currently have they will use against you as long as you are in the position to be subverted (i.e. not the president, "important" business exec, celebrity, person of a sizable social following).

All those snarky internet comments about someone's freedom being subdued show the disrespect they have for what is supposed to be America.

How about them school shootings?

How'd that work out? Did you find the solution to that yet?

Oh right, yeah. Too many disagreements, so gonna do nothing.

You'd think there would be large protests around kids getting killed from all around.

Naw, gotta do nothing since "gun ownership isn't the problem. There isn't any problem at all. Just crazies and loonies, so buy more guns to protect yourself. Look at what is going on in states where people can't own guns! It's terrible. I need to exercise my 2nd Amendment rights."

Some are more vitriolic: "It's just liberal kids getting killed, who cares" Yeah, right Florida and Texas have shootings too. What did they do? Nothing.

It is just another normal 'Murican thing. School shooting, ah, that's normal. It is all good.

Conservative Pushback against Censorship

Just yesterday:

Result is exactly what you expect. First amendment applies only to the government, so case dismissed. They know they are going to lose (frivolous), but it is easy PR. The same people who argue for private property and against big government saying private corps are censoring them and want government to intercede. It is laughable.

If there is a policy against hoarding bullshit on a communication channel and you keep violating it on the unfounded principle of free speech on private property, then you know you are going to get censored. It is all a show.

While it is a show, there plenty of idiots, regardless of political bullshit, out there that will take the elevator down to 0.

I don't want to even talk specifics of frivolous horse shit. "Censorship" my ass

Imagine that a world were your views are all uncensored. Just imagine that. It already existed and people failed to moderate themselves without pushback.

Also Trump's little scare tactic of threatening "social media" protection against liability for what their users post will gain no support. It would be far reaching to start labeling this and that. It is a game no one want to go in to because it is a foot gun. If you thought you were censored before, ha! You have no idea.

Fuck Conservatives. Fuck Liberals. Parties are a losing game.

Quotes here aren't exaggerated at all. It's the kind of shit pile that I've read all over. We really expect to be "united" at these times with these beliefs?

There's silver lining as protests, rioting, looting are a few ways to protest against the shit thrown everyday. Looting a store, as attractive of an option as it is, won't make you wealthier. Try white collar crimes instead that's where the real action and path to wealth is 🧐.

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