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‘Simple’ traffic stop led to complaint against Montville police officer. Lol

Updated on October 31, 2020 at the 11th hour
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Shepard's report indicates he was driving west on Maple Avenue when his radar indicated Poitras, traveling east in a Honda CRV, was driving 42 mph in a posted 25 mph zone. Shepard turned around and caught up with Poitras. He activated his lights and siren, but deactivated them as he pulled behind Poitras at the intersection of Route 32. The action confused Poitras, who didn't realize he was being pulled over and thought Shepard was responding to an emergency that was called off.

Poitras turned left onto Route 32 and stayed to the left, as his GPS indicated, so he could turn onto Route 163 at the next intersection. He said Shepard followed behind him, reactivating his lights and siren and "aggressively blasting his air horn."

Poitras said his traffic charges were nolleed, or not prosecuted, by the court with no explanation.

The interaction remained unpleasant for Poitras, who continued to ask questions. He said Shepard accused him of drinking after spotting hand sanitizer in his console. And when Poitras, not familiar with the area, asked what police department Shepard was with, Shepard said, "What, you don't even know what town you're in?" Poitras asked Shepard to call a sergeant to the scene, and Shepard told him no.

How'd this get into an article? Slow news day or connections? Oct 3, Saturday, so I guess slow news day.

Well shit now its on my blog.

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