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Shit Plano, TX Cops who make something out of Nothing

Updated on February 22, 2021 at the 17th hour
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What was the call for? Welfare check? Stumbling in snow? He says he's walking home? Have a nice day right?

If they felt so concerned for his safety then drive. Recon. Why waste time reconning when we can just waste time arresting and putting lives in danger. This is just lazy policing. Waste of resources.

What's the crime again? DERP! Let's try to find a crime! "What's your name?" He won't listen to us to submit to voluntarily talk to us, so let's detain him for not submitting to our authority. Put him in the snow so we can charge him! Let's blame him for what happened all because he won't voluntarily submit to us without any suspicion of a crime! Aww, we couldn't find any active history of crime on the guy and we got video of what happened, so lets see if walking on the road in snow sticks! Not what we were called for, but shit stinks like shit.

Fuck these shit cops. This is a welfare check? Treated the guy like a criminal. This is why DEFUND is a thing. This is why protests against police will continue. I wouldn't mind a REFUND for shit service!

Ya can't reform people who are made to racially label and "bust" criminals. This is also why blacks are and should be apprehensive in helping non-black people when they're in trouble because any shit that goes sideways implicates the helper and BAM cops are far more likely to arrest said black and let a court decide. Can't believe this shit happens.

So far, the cherry picked "bad apples" ploy isn't working out so well to explain the vast majority of random detainment.

Cops are only useful for active crimes. This preventative policing bullshit is literal dog shit.

Thanks Plano, TX for this easy lawsuit. All ya had to do was take the citizens word and do your job properly.

On a side note, I wonder if funding lawsuits against cities and their police departments for clearly egregious behavior is profitable! I would be glad to fund it with others. Oh yeah, these exist already!

A YouTube comment: "Absolutely unacceptable that we can't walk home without being kidnapped by assholes with guns and taken to jail. I hope they never come to help me"

Update: While the retard charge is dropped now, I'd prefer he pursue a lawsuit for the illegal detainment, deprivation of his rights and any other shit a proper lawyer can trump up. There was no crime. It is common sense those officers in numbers decided to flex their gang power. One person says something and the others just follow like idiots instead of pushing back and enforcing public safety. Clearly they had nothing else better to do with their lives. REFUND!

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