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Shareworks to Fidelity Wire Transfer

Updated on March 10, 2021 at the 19th hour
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Seems that there is no good information. Best idea is to contact Fidelity by phone.

On Incoming wire transfer fees: Fidelity charge zero for incoming and outgoing wires.

If you have a cash management account you can visit: for more information on wiring to your account.

On Outgoing wire transfer fees: Shareworks doesn't give any good information on wire transfer fees for US accounts. $20 for outgoing fee.

If you want to add a wire transfer account to Shareworks then:

This information is according to the link above. If it is different then you should obviously contact Fidelity.


Financial Institution: J.P. Morgan Chase, NY
ABA Routing Number: 021000021
Branch Address: One Chase Manhattan Plaza New York, NY 10005
Brokerage Name: National Financial Services LLC
Account Number: 066196–221

Sub Account Holder Name: (Your Name, should already have it)
Sub Account Holder Number: (Your Fidelity Account Number)

Verify this with Fidelity on the phone, so you are smart and not putting your trust into some random guy on the internet even if I gave you sources for filling out the information.

I'm not fucking kidding.

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