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Setting Up ATT Fiber (BGW320-505) With your Router (DD WRT)

Updated on January 17, 2021 at the 17th hour
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*Post will be modified soon to exclude use of 192.169.x.x ip since it isn't convention to use it as a private ip. Should stick to 192.168.x.x ip, which was frustrating to attempt use due to the configuration window. 192.169.x.x is fine to use if you want to follow the instructions as is unless you access a network that already uses 192.169.x.x.*

Information is a bit scattered around, but unless you are a network engineer (which I am not) you are not going to have a fun time trying to configure a cascaded router. The idea is better drawn out as having a gateway (ATT) passing traffic to the router (your router with DD-WRT). The gateway, link between them and the router form a cascaded router.

On the gateway (ATT Fiber router), you will likely have a address. This is the address you will use for accessing the setup. After accessing setup, you want to follow these steps to turn on IP Passthrough from Linksys It is really easy as long as you have the WAN Mac Address. Shut off all of the other settings under firewall (Packet Filter, NAT Default Server, Firewall Advanced).

You should be able to see a WAN IP Address assigned to your router (DD-WRT).

Next, configure your router's local IP address to be on DD-WRT's setup tab as this will be the router's ip and DHCP will assign ip's from this range.

Back on the gateway device setup, under Home Network go to Subnets & DHCP.

* Turn on Cascaded Router.

* Set Router Address to

* Set Network Address to

* Set or Leave Subnet to

Save and it should be done on the gateway side.

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