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Seems like the Worst time to buy a Home was during the Pandemic

Updated on August 01, 2021 at the 04th hour
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Especially in 2021. The real estate market topped off and now it as to take the roller coaster down. Flippers got their take.

Unless inflation in the real estate market is persistent, 2021 purchasers are fucked for 5 yrs or more.

Inflation hasn't hit the areas of concern hard. Used cars pumping up the numbers? Gimme a break. Remove it and what's the inflation numbers?

I'm not surprised people are still buying homes getting ripped off at this point being sold on the idea that inflation is running hot. The supply crunch will end and it dispels the inflation crap. What's left to stand?

Realtors got to make their money right? Good luck home buyers!

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