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Sarah Stambaugh, Trigger Happy Cop

Updated on December 25, 2021 at the 18th hour
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Cops don't like when people have nice cars, gunz and tattoos. They tried real hard to paint him as a gangbanger, cop killing resister and failed miserably. Why did they ever stop him again? 🤪 No wonder the guy won in court.

This dumb dumb of a cop, Sarah Stambaugh, couldn't control herself. She got triggered that he started asking questions. His point of it being Nazi-like was proven there. She got ticked off that he rolled down his windows for her only a little bit for her to talk.

"Trust us" "Its only one bad apple"

Not a surprise that she's still employed with those trigger happy feelings. Why would a "criminal" tell you he got guns, in the car's trunk no less, again? DURRRRHHHHHHH.

Trust them they say, that guy trusted the cops enough to say anything at all. You know he's not saying shit or trusting them again.

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