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Roadside Cavity Search should be Illegal

Updated on April 02, 2021 at the 13th hour
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State troopers stopped Jack Levine for a traffic stop and escalated it to a roadside cavity search for a very dangerous object on his person. That's what you'd think. No, instead he is "under arrest" for the smell of weed. Oh wait, they didn't arrest him in the end. Oh, they cited him like they originally should have.

I'm surprised the guy settled for 250k for being searched without valid reasonable suspicion. ( I would've gone further.

How much drugs could you possibly plant up your ass or vagina? It ain't a gray area. Furthermore they said he was under arrest, but did not actually do it. Trust cops uh huh.

"Stop moving", he says while he sexually assaults. Just what a rapist would say.

No valid probable cause for a cavity search and illegal arrest. You'd wonder what happened to those cops for executing something so stupid and pointless. That's what happens when you fetishize the bois in blue.

Cities and states just handing out refunds like hotcakes and this is what the working class put their money towards. Roadside cavity searches for fucking weed. Arrest the guy and take him in then perform your cavity search indoors. What's so hard about that? 'Awwwww man, this guy will just kill himself if it is up his ass.'

Strip away qualified immunity and get back to responsible policing. Fears as usual are unfounded by the unimaginative. "I can't imagine a world without immunity on the job" which translates to 'I am unimaginative. Immunity is all I know. I don't like risk.'

Let the cops get insurance like everyone else fucking entitled pricks.

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