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Republiklans Dying for Liberal Attention

Updated on December 12, 2021 at the 19th hour
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DISCLAIMER: Expressed views on this blog are my own.

You've seen the pictures of republiklansmen, names who won't be mentioned formally anyway (Boeby and Masstard), with their "families" holding guns in some fashion. The same kinds of depictions they put on "jihadists" and call them terrorists.

White wing terrorists are on social media posting their white "jihadist" tendencies looking to take advantage of the 15mins of fame. If not for the attention then it's the arming for a civil war or "race war." The one they can't stop shouting about.

Let's remember why some states had gun control enacted but republiklans in response to black radicals empowering themselves with the power of a gun. It's time to go back to that and we can see the response this time around to see if they actually support gun rights or if it is attention grabbing terrorism.

Republiklans don't care about gun rights. I can't wait until the laws are again used against these dipshits and see the immediate white conservative fear and push back. It's building up and the fire needs to be set. 😈

Its always better to not pay attention to republiklans on social media since attention begets attention on Twitter/Facebook.

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