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Remote Workers Double Taxed in Some States

Updated on April 08, 2021 at the 00th hour
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A technician servicing a New York company’s products in Vermont could not, by definition, do her job in New York, so that is not for the convenience of the employer. But a remote employee’s work theoretically could be performed in the employer’s state, no matter how inconvenient or even impossible that might be for a given employee. These states claim that income even if the employee never sets foot in the state.

Seems like an important issue that certain states (Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Nebraska, New York, and Pennsylvania) should work out. The idea that you could work for a company in NY, but now live in say Vermont and get taxed doubly.

The fact that you earned income while in Vermont subjects you to their tax while NY imposes state taxes on you because you work for a NY business. One state imposes taxes on that fact you have physical presence and the other imposes taxes because you work for a business there. Fuck that.

NY already taxes the employer, so why tax an employee who doesn't have physical presence and did not do the work there.

Federal government needs to get in there and regulate it to stop any other state from considering imposing such complex garbage.

Wherever money moves, the tax man is there. Company gets money, corporate tax. Company distribute money to people, personal income tax. Same person spends money on company's product, sales tax. Company gets revenue then corporate tax. Cycle of taxing to oblivion. Government eventually has to participate to keep the cycle going. Yeesh.

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