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Remember Amaurie Johnson in La Mesa

Updated on September 10, 2020 at the 13th hour
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I was super curious about what happened since we all knew it was absolute bullshit.

The Arrest

He searches for charges because he has none. Arrests because eh, let's give him a hard time after telling the truth. What happened to cooperation will set you free? Never talk to cops if they say there is no crime committed! Invoke 4th (unreasonable search) and 5th amendment (right not to self incriminate therefore SILENCE).

If cops do shit let this just to give a hard time then of course be angry as hell. Cop had way too many chances to let it go.

La Mesa drops all charges.

Matthew Dages no longer employed by La Mesa.

Amaurie Johnson files lawsuit against La Mesa and the dirty cop.

It is an endless money pump that starves cities of money where they need to go. Defund police is a good sign of health. It is clear cops are bored and create crimes to justify their existence. This is how you foment domestic terrorism. Remember Chris Dorner? Remember the cops shot during protests throughout 2010s? City pay for security, security who thinks they are in a warzone, and get eventual protests against that force, rioting and looting in return. Sounds like bad ROI. Reviewing bad investments is sound.

As an aside, US Military is money hungry while still creating "terrorists." Trillions of dollars spent where most of the money over time go towards maintenance!!! Most of the weapons don't go used and are retired. The money should be spent on fast activation and procurement rather than pre-emptive building with hopeful use. Someone has to pay for all that shit.

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