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Redfin Real Estate Agent Tried to Hustle Me

Updated on May 07, 2022 at the 13th hour
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Jazmin Montalvo's gotta be the most retarded real estate agent I've ever had any chance of talking to. I put an offer on a house via Redfin, but the real estate agent has to work with you to submit the offer. The house was on "coming soon" status and I don't know how the shit works. I was told that she would call about it.

Well she didn't call about it and texted me earlier than the call talking about how the house was worth 5.5% above asking price LOL. "It would be appraised at $x. Redfin undervalues their properties." TF? Is she a real estate agent or an appraiser? I completely ignored that shit. She has every incentive to play up the price. Only dumb ass would fall for it. The house has a lower asking price and she wanted me to bid at 5.5% over the asking. Pretty good way to make someone flaccid for that home to the point I was feeling to lower the bid by 15% if not lower just to make sure an appraisal is higher than the offer and not fuck me over.

Forget calling me to talk about it at the scheduled time and explain the Redfin process and why is that? because I don't want to bid at her whim is my guess. Like who tf doesn't call a client with an serious offer for a house? That's not a real estate agent working for you. Good agents tell you to stay within your budget or target and I'm glad this advice was confirmed by an agent outside of Redfin.

What price did the home close at? 5k above asking price. I'd bet it closed at that because of the agent hustling people to drum prices up or saying "oh there's interest at asking price already' which is hardly since no hard offer was submitted yet and the Redfin RE agent was dumb as fuck leaving it in limbo.

Yeah, the trash tried to hustle me. Fuck you, Jazmin. Don't trust terrible Redfin agents like that with imaginary "price estimation" and tell them to stay in their lane.

One simply makes an offer at the specified price and it either gets accepted on rejected. Bid war can happen if there is interest, but don't fucking play games saying what you (RE Agent) think it is worth with no fucking evidence for why you think it is worth that in this speculative market. I simply don't care about your opinion when I can't even trust you from the get-go due to the incentive to jack up prices. It's not my problem if the real estate market is slowing.

Nevertheless, I deleted my Redfin account because of that shit experience. Never gonna use them. Let them wallow in filth and let it burn. Layoffs at Redfin soon.

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