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Racist Fort Lauderdale Police Arrest Black Clerk after White Guy Attacks Him

Updated on April 03, 2022 at the 00th hour
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Now who in their right mind just stands still while some random white guy attacks you? Right, in the USA, if you are a black man then you are supposed to just take it from some white guy. Another one with charges dropped. Completely moronic that it even gets to that point. This guy better sue this dumb fuck police department.

BuT wE aRe NoT rAcIsT!! LiTeRaLlY nOt RaCisT!

Uh huh, cops arrive on scene without any assessment of the situation or to preserve any sense of law and order and instead exacerbate the situation. You see immediately pushing the black clerk after he was just attacked by a white guy. If it were a black woman, you'd think they'd react the same way? Probably if she is freaking out and yelling because ThAt Is DiSoRdErLy. Have you seen the freak outs these cops have when they are on the field not even being attacked or threatened? LOL. It's disorderly when you are black though.

Oh yeah, I remember that black girl who was arrested for DiSoRdErLy after some random white guy yelled racial slurs at them from his home. She was freaking out about it and a cop didn't like it and felt she was overreacting. Apparently, she didn't know that she had to just take it from the white dude and say and feel bad about being black.

Must be the new thing, be white, get drunk and that's your get out of jail free card. You wonder why the "Woke" movement exists. It wouldn't need to if the crap wasn't there in the first place. Clean the crap and woke has no more reason to exist until then have fun with wokeness. Keep feeding it.

Also, FUCK THE PIGS! 🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷 Definitely the biggest reason for the "woke" movement.

Do your damn job and stop escalating shit to the point that tax money needs to be handed out like hot cakes you pieces of shit. Someone is paying for this 1 star shit sandwich service.

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