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Race2Dinner Sounds Interesting

Updated on May 29, 2021 at the 15th hour
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DISCLAIMER: Expressed views on this blog are my own.

Well, to white people anyway.

I'm not interested in hearing about white fragility and grievances because its all from a pro-white mindset. You know the kinds of people who have little to no experience with variety. There's nothing wrong with preferring to be narrow. You've chosen to stick your head in the sand.

I think, at this point in time, at the age of 23, assuming you went to college, you've listened to a variety of music, seen a variety of art, been on social media so to ask if something is racist, in my opinion, is a result of you choosing to be dumb.

Choose to be narrow and now it is costs you and whites don't like it because y'know "they only grew around other whites" and don't know what race is. Yeah, what is racism in a world without race! I dunno, but when you look at someone's skin color and make general assumptions based on behavior that you've acquired from your parents, have witnessed in person or through sayings of other white people well, it is hard not to wonder what race is.

When you choose to call Asians the model minority because of general assumptions, but choose to ignore the "bad parts" yeah, what is racism. That one white guy who killed multiple Asian woman was just mentally distraught and had perversions. When you make assumptions like Asian women participate in handing handjobs out like lollipops and you don't wonder at all if that is racist.

Somehow the word "ghetto" is tied to blacks as if there are no ghettos with majority whites. If there weren't then you'd have to ask why. It would definitely not be the fault of blacks. Whites purchased a ton of Africans and enslaved them, made sure they had zero opportunity to escape their place and continued it up until the Jim Crow laws started to show cracks. If you have to wonder why ghettos exist, that's because you know zero history and choose to be narrow. Why should you learn about the horrors inflicted by your ancestors anyway especially when it fostered the Nazi movement and encouraged events like the burning of "Black Wall Street". You want to blame victims because you are narrow believing that they had the same opportunities and education you have. If they did, you would likely be in a ghetto and it scares a lot of people. Maybe, just maybe investing in the country and getting rid of the idea of ghettos may save you and your kids of that horror. 👻

Too fragile to understand. Coddled into believing you are born into a perfect world, but it all shatters when you are out of the bubble. Those stereotypes you believe(d) in are constantly affirmed and broken in your mind, so no wonder the increase in white insanity. 🤣 Nothing makes sense anymore!

Anyway, Race2Dinner sounds like a profitable way to bank on white fragility, but I think it should go farther than just generalizations of blacks. I can see why Asians feel invisible in America.

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