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PR folk are Useless when CRITICALLY Needed

Updated on January 29, 2021 at the 09th hour
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Robinhood could have easily easily said there's too much demand and not enough supply for stocks like GME with no mention of capital troubles. Could have said our clearinghouse will no longer process buys and we are proactively stopping buy orders on other stocks experiencing high traffic. We are looking forward to bringing these stocks back up when we have clearance.

No, they do retard interviews and say retarded shit like "Volatile Market" "we are protecting you" "be an informed investor". Means nothing to me. Leave the customer to figure out whats going on. Conspiracies that break trust (Definitely lost my trust and very soon my money). No wonder Elon FIRED his PR team. They are fucking useless! WTF is the point of PR if they FAIL when most critically needed?

So many examples of easily avoided PR failures not only by RH.

I did better with the above and it took 1min. Fuck PR folk. Garbage profession. People go to school for this shit? Waste of money.

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