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Positively Interesting: 19 Families Buy Land to Establish a Pro Black Town

Updated on September 13, 2020 at the 19th hour
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Pro black for them doesn't mean Anti-White. We will see how this goes over the next 30 - 50 years.

It is sad when you feel like you need homogeneity in order to create a safe space. Whites have been doing it for years, so it is not surprising that blacks want it too! If there is anything a white racist should support is this as it would effectively cordon people they don't want away from them, so they continue to have their safe white racist space.

It shows the stupidity of racist white people when they burned down black established towns in the past. They effectively supported integration. Just wasn't enough for blacks not to be around them, but for them not to be successful in the process of making attempts to get there. This is the primary reason why the rioting will keep flaring up.

Fix your retard grandfathered in shit America.

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