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Pootin's War of 20xx

Updated on February 27, 2022 at the 17th hour
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DISCLAIMER: Expressed views on this blog are my own.

There's lot of bad information out there especially coming out of the mouth of the horse (Putin).

Fact of the matter is that Russia desires to recreate the Soviet bloc and that definitely will put us at war with Russia.

  • Ukraine has been a major target unlike the other smaller sections of the former bloc that were taken already.
  • Russian soldiers are being put into a difficult situation especially given there is no purpose for the war, so I wouldn't be surprised if Russia goes through trouble taking Ukraine.
  • Putin's put Russia and China in uncharted territory.
  • China's not ready to screw around just yet, but they will be ready in the up coming years for Taiwan.
  • China was caught off guard. Their messaging has been mixed.

There's lots of noise posted on social media. Mostly coming from gRump supporters, so what I got to say to those moronic idiots.

  • Trump sucks and he would not have given a shit about what Russia does. He told Ukraine they would get no aid unless they launched an investigation into Biden's son.
  • Russia does what Russia does regardless of who is your Dear Leader of the time.
  • Supporting Russia means supporting Anti-Americans, but hey you support many policies against your own interests. No wonder elites don't like uneducated fools like you to vote.
  • Fuck Trump and Pootin supporting conservatards.
  • Tulsi Gabbard is an idiot who knows nothing about geography. NATO already borders Russia, this is not new.
  • Soviet Union leader debunked the claim of "NATO made a promise to not expand eastward". That's what signed agreements and treaties are for.

Let's be clear here, Russia has stated it wants Ukraine solely because of shared history and recognized the Donbass region as independent because ethnic Russians lived there. It's the same crap Germany did to France in taking and laying claim to the Rhine in WW1 and WW2 with history stretching back to it's days as Prussia defeating France. It's total horseshit and it's the kind of war that could drag more into it if other countries take advantage of the idiocy.

The one thing that's clear is the amount of fast food information that people consume. No critical thinking or reading. Just regurgitate (retweet, share, whatever) just like school taught you to. Think before regurgitating or else you will be on the front lines.

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