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Parents Who Feel that Government is Responisble for their Children

Updated on March 05, 2021 at the 23th hour
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...because they are poor and have work to focus on.

You are a failure. You should be ashamed of yourself. You are failing your children and you are failing yourself. You create a cycle of depression not only for yourself, but for your family. Selfish fucks.

You expect schools who have to deal with multiple children from different backgrounds to take charge of your child. You have the wrong expectations. You set up your children for failure. You set them up for low expectations and a low paying job.

You will be lucky that your child gets lucky and makes something of themselves. You will be lucky that your child even looks at you or speaks to you. You don't deserve it for doing the bare minimum because... work.

If you can't even be bothered to monitor your child's progress in school and you assume your child is doing fine in school You are a failure. The school is realistic for having minimum expectations given their set of constraints.

^ This to me is a massive failure of parenting.

You need to wake up and do better for your children. Assuming your child is doing well because the school isn't ringing you up? You kidding?

Zero expectations of her child and has let her child to have zero expectations. This child will be very lucky not to have mental illness stemming from feeling stupid being left back and having lack of progress in their life.

This is severe neglect and this parent, in particular, needs to be educated on how to be a better parent. Work is not an excuse. It should never be an excuse for why you neglect your children. I'd be charged to say parents like this should be rounded up for re-education because you are failing society with this shit. There's no reason why you cannot monitor your child's progress. Absolutely none.

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