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Oklahoma Officers Use Taser 50 times on Unarmed Man

Updated on November 10, 2021 at the 14th hour
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Attacker 1: Brandon Dingman, 35

Attacker 2: Joshua Taylor, 27

Victim: Jared Lakey, 28

Manufacturers say don't use it more than 2 twice on anyone, but there we go dumb dumb cops in an uneducated dumb dumb region using tasers like it is the wild wild west. Have these officers been hit with a taser during training or were they trained to use them at all? Clearly if you are not hit with a taser twice in a row during training then that might be a sign for don't fucking do it.

Pretty sure each taser has a "Not a toy" label among other disclaimers such as "DO NOT USE MORE THAN TWICE". Jail is too good for these dumb dumbs. Tax payer subsidized meal and a small little home? Might be better to commit crimes than to be homeless on the street. There's every incentive to.

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