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NYPD Likes When Their Officers Plant Evidence

Updated on June 24, 2020 at the 00th hour
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A criminal record makes it very hard to get a job.

Ah, but just a few bad apples. Uh huh, so bad that the case was thrown out in the middle of it. What'd an interview review by the NYPD conclude? "Nothing wrong was done." Uh huh, bad apples.

If police are bent on tagging random people with drug charges then why shouldn't they be defunded? Oh right because criminals would run free. Ah, but there Criminals with badges running free too.

More corruption. Criminals with badges.

I'm glad we have hackers who reveal these documents. We should expect more police depts to be hacked and exposed. Fools.

I hope police who can't handle the changing environment self purge rather than waiting for an opportunity to be purged. It's better for everyone.

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