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Not Arrested for Assault on Cop Wut the f?

Updated on October 14, 2020 at the 01th hour
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😂 You are kidding. Guy shoves a cop while detaining his wife and all he gets is a warning. Murica, wtf? Because the guy is white and name dropping? Longer video will show the guy being detained after name drop after name drop and pissed off cop. I was expecting to see the man pile driven for assault given the fact that even barely touching a cop could get you thrown in jail.

It is all about neighborhood and home values in the end. After all the places I've lived in, hah, cops won't treat you as aggressively as in a poor neighborhood.

Who's the guy though? Mark Grisanti, a New York State Supreme Court Justice. Not that the cops knew that. You'd think he would be careful on the account that he is a judiciary.

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