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Need to Pick up Some Old/New Hobbies

Updated on October 07, 2020 at the 01th hour
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I will look into seeing if I can slowly get back to some outdoor hobbies as well as pick up some old indoor hobbies even though COVID is still around. I guess it is not as bad here though, but it doesn't mean that I want to get into activities that would screw me over putting me into contact with possibly asymptomatic people.

This year: Keyboard (piano music). I'm gonna buy a keyboard in the next few months. This will mark what... my second time buying one. First one was in university.

Next year: Archery, Kayaking, Car Racing (probably just drag), Gun Range.

Maybe try some laser tag, kart racing as well for one time fun.

I still want to get a Private Pilot license, so have to do flight simulator again to get used to the controls. Has been 10+ years since I said I wanted to get one too. Just not important enough, but I have the time nowadays.

Eh, so the virus and people's stupidity soured this year's plans, but that's all good. Vaccines (w side effects) should be distributed next year making it safer to be mask less (I don't like face masks, but I also really don't like the virus) therefore less tired during demanding activities.

Maybe try seriously dating as well which means working on my style. Lots o horny girls, LOL. 😭😂😁🤠 I likely will not though since I will find getting a business off the ground to be more demanding than today. I would be hard pressed to find a compatible woman who would want to deal with that part of my life. That means not so serious dating for the win.

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