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Meet Police Chief Steven Hunt’s daughter

Updated on April 03, 2021 at the 13th hour
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Meet his racist daughter who wants to "shoot black people" for no reason

“I’ll make my dad drive with lights and sirens and if we see any black people we will shoot them,” one post said, according to WFSB and other media reports.

“My dad is now officially police chief so that means he’s more advanced in shooting black people then (sic) he just was a couple minutes ago,” another reads.

"daughter two years ago when she was 13 years old."

Eh, she was only a kid when she said it though, so who cares. She's just a kid saying dumb shit. Uh huh because she just learned it on his own. Had nothing to do with the parents at all. Yup, but black people should take personal responsibility for whatever the cops decide to do.

Of course you'll have the typical white response of 'They wouldn't condone that', 'I never heard them talk like that' blah blah blah. Never believe anyone who says they never heard any racist statements from anyone they know. It's a big lie and they know it is. It is America. It is akin to saying my head is in the sand whenever I hear racist statements. Why do people put their credibility on the line for the people 'they know' (You really don't) I have no clue.

Call em racist and they'll get angry because 'racism bad' and saying you'll kill specifically black people good.

'I'm not racist' Yeah, says the racist. gRump said so too.

The cognitive dissonance. 🥸

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