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M1 Macbook Pro

Updated on February 06, 2021 at the 18th hour
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Ah, so I was skeptical about the M1 not being a heater, but holy fuck! A laptop that I can put on my lap and not worry about being burned! Fuck yes!

I'm really surprised by the low battery usage, the speed and lack of heat! You'd think 'nah nah, these tech geeks are hyping it up' HA! Jokes on me. It really is that good!

I have a 16" Macbook Pro with i9, 32gb and butterfly keyboard. Sadly, it has issues that are beyond me, so I will take it in to Apple and get it fixed or replaced. Imagine going back to a 8GB laptop from that!I really wanted to wait until a 32GB Macbook 16 M1, but.... I'm very annoyed.

Err, I decided splitting my usage to Macbook and a 32gb Linux laptop, so that means for everyday stuff and Flutter I will use my Macbook Pro M1. The more powerful Linux laptop will handle my usual Rust and Java development. Rust is a CPU (builds) and hd space hog (for dev builds) and Java is as usual a memory hog.

Anyway, I installed XCode which would usually produce moderate heat on an Intel Macbook Pro, but there's no heat on an M1! WTF IS THIS SORCERY?!

I installed OneDrive, which would usually produce lots of heat, on an Intel Macbook, as it starts bringing in files, but nada no heat on the M1. It is crazy.

I copied files from the old Macbook with produced lots of heat to which the fans would make sound while copying to the M1 produced none!

Watching 1080p videos on Youtube (UTube) again produced no heat, was snappy and low battery usage (couple videos and no decrease in percentage).

Even running fucking Intel apps is snappy wtf?! Emulator running as good or better than the latest hardware it emulates? SORCERY!!!!

This is Apple's first generation laptop processor and they fucking outdid Intel! Yo, FUCK Intel! 🖕

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