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Kassidy Peters, South Dakota Gov's Daughter, Certified After Mom Intervenes

Updated on September 28, 2021 at the 21th hour
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They billed it as a getting rid of bureaucracy venture. Did it also help the others who wanted to get their certifications? Somehow, the media reporting on the issue is breaking the trust of the people. 🤪

Another day of robbing the taxpayers. Distract you with meaningless issues while they profit from it. You voted these fools in and you can get them out of office.

What do you think happened when Kassidy Peters mother, South Dakota's Governor, Kristi Noem called the agency head into her office with her daughter present? It's laughable. These trash people. What did they talk about? A sunny day? The rain? What's her daughter doing there? Why'd her daughter get certified 4 months later after that meeting and the person fired?

This is the same state who still hasn't impeached Jason Ravnsborg who killed a man with his car while distracted driving and isn't going to jail for it. He thought he hit a "deer."

You are being robbed of your money and lives. This is the democracy people yearn for? The democracy you would pay your life to defend? Freedom, all at your expense.

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